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Audio extract (2 mins) from live recording, 26-01-06 - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (pf - Piano Circus)

Score from: Direct Request


(WP) 19-11-00 Planet Tree Music Festival, The Round Chapel, Hackney, London (pf - Piano Circus)

07-02-02 Hungarian Contemporary Music Festival, Trafo, Budapest (pf - Piano Circus)

05-10-02 Auditorium, Haydn, Bolzano, Italy (pf - Piano Circus)

23-11-02 Lucerne Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland (pf - Piano Circus)

14-12-03 Arcola Theater, Dalston, London (pf - Piano Circus)

16-12-04 Cutting Edge Series, The Warehouse, Waterloo, London (pf - Piano Circus)

17-02-05 Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London (pf - Piano Circus)

25-06-05 Corsham Festival, Town Hall, Corsham (pf - Piano Circus)

26-01-06 Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (pf - Piano Circus)

07-02-06 Marte Festival, Teatro Cervantes, Malaga, Spain (pf - Piano Circus)

17-01-07 Feet East, Brick Lane, London (pf - Piano Circus)

02-05-07 Hampstead High School for Girls, London (pf - Piano Circus)

Programme notes

Score: 21st Century Junkie

For six pianos and tape [2000] ?Duration: c. 7 ½ mins.



Commissioned for Piano Circus as part of the 2000 Planet Tree Music Festival, 21st Century Junkie is an snap-shot observation and response to the velocious consumerism at the turn of the millennium. Scored for six pianos and sound-file, the work plays on the connotations of ‘junk’ in a hallucinogenic world of associative references.

Among the pianist’s analgesic and hypnotic interplay of hocketing lies a collage of references that are deliberately hackneyed and expeditious in delivery: the striking of a match (spun back and forth in a retro 80’s DJ technique known as ‘scratching’); the once familiar dial-up tone into the World Wide Web; the iconic Nokia ring tone; and samples of advertisements that reflect the fast-paced nature of life at the millennium. These are interwoven amongst darker references that allude to the hedonistic nature of modern society: the slow inhalation and exhalation of a smoker; and sampled words associated with addictive recreational lifestyles..

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