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Audio extract (first 1 min 6 secs) from live recording, 09-06-05 - (WP) Museum of Garden History, London SE1 (pf - GéNIA)

Score from: Cadenza Music


09-06-05 (WP) Museum of Garden History, London SE1 (pf - GéNIA)

16-03-06 Philip Lynch Theatre, Lewis University, Illinois, USA (pf - GéNIA)

Programme notes

Scores: 3:5

For solo piano [2005]

Duration: c. 5 mins.


The starting point for 3:5 began as a collection of compositional ideas based upon Fibonacci numbers and the golden section. I have been fascinated by the properties of this magical sequence that appears so abundantly in nature and more interestingly, according to various sources, in the works of composers such as Debussy. I wanted to investigate for myself how this sequence would be perceived when used as a temporal/structural mechanism in music. In 3:5, the length of each phrase is determined by the sequence of values that arises from the Fibonacci series (1,2,3,5,8,13…). At each structural point, the music alternates between moments of softness and increasing points of dynamic intensity, resulting in an ever-fluctuating sense of ebb and flow. At exactly the golden section of the entire duration, the piece reaches its maximum point of climax, from which point it then begins to calm.

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