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Audio extract (first 1 min 23 secs) from live recording, 27-02-06 - Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London (db - Jarowlaw Mroz)

Score from: Direct request


27-02-06 Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London (db - Jaroslaw Mroz)

Programme notes

Scores: Bravura

For solo double bass [2006]

Duration: c. 2 ½mins.


The original autograph of Paganini's twenty-four Capricci for solo violin located at the Archivio Storico di Casa Ricordi are divided into three groups marked Opera 1, Opera 2 and Opera 3. The first two parts include six capriccios each, with the third having twelve. It is the second part from which the fundamental pitch material in Bravura is derived. The key note of each capriccio form a series of intervals from which varients are joined together to form melodic lines. The material is further subjected to a series of variations exploring the diverse colour of the double bass.

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