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Audio extract (1 min) from radio broadcast, 13-07-06 - In Tune, BBC Radio 3 (cl - Mark Simpson


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04-05-00 Craxton Studio, Hamsptead, London (cl. - Madis Kari)

13-09-06 In Tune, Radio 3 (cl. - Mark Simpson)

14-09-06 Wigmore Hall, London (cl. - Mark Simpson)

Programme notes

Scores: Eid Milaad Saeed

For solo Bb clarinet [2000]

Duration: c.2 mins.


Eid milaad saeed translates as ‘Happy Birthday' in Arabic. This short piece was written as a gift to celebrate the 50th birthday of Gary Carpenter (one of Nunn’s composition tutors). The work is written without time signatures giving the illusion of a quasi-improvised performance akin to typical performance traditions in eastern European and Arabic countries. The score is aptly marked ‘quasi bagpipes/shanai'.

It was first performed by Madis Kari at the Craxton Studios in Hampstead, London on the 4th May 2000 and was selected as the RNCM 3rd year undergraduate exam piece for clarinet in 2007.

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