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Audio extract (30 secs) from CD Morphosis (pf - Zubin Kanga)

Score: request


15-09-11 (WP of mvmt.I) St Marylebone Parish Church, London (pf - Richard Shaw)

Programme notes

Scores: Eight Cryptograms

For solo piano [2015]

Duration: c.11 Ĺ mins.


Eight Cryptograms are a set of piano miniatures constructed individually from pitch-based encryptions of musical personalities that have, in some form, influenced the composerís creative output. Each piece attempts to portray its unique creative persona whilst retaining the composerís own specific compositional processes. The first miniature, written in 2011 and originally titled Cameo for Carla, became the catalyst for the composition of a further seven at the request of the composerís publisher, David Shepherd.

  1. for C.R.
  2. for G.C.
  3. for S.B.
  4. for O.M.
  5. for J.H.
  6. for G.L.
  7. for G.L. (2)
  8. for M.P.

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