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Audio extract (first 1 min 20 secs) from studio recording. (a.fl. - Carla Rees)

Score from: Direct Request


29-08-02 St Cyprian's Church, London NW1 (a.fl. - Carla Rees)

Programme notes

Scores: Maqamat

For solo quarter-tone alto flute [2002]

Duration: c. 6 mins.

Commissioned by Carla Rees


When Carla approached me about writing a new piece for quarter-tone alto flute I was really excited. Much of my work up until this point had been influenced by music from the Middle East and I often found myself up against the technical restrictions of western instruments when required to perform Arabic scales (in Arabic, maqamat). These scales are often constructed using quarter-tones. However, for many western instruments, especially woodwind, quarter-tones are not easy to perform at speed, if at all! So here was a perfect opportunity to write more freely using Arabic scales as a starting point, hence the title Maqamat.

Patrick Nunn 2002