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04-04-96 (WP) St Peter & St Pauls Church, Hellingly (org. - M. Nicholles)

Programme notes

Scores: Miles of Aisles

For solo organ [1996]

Duration: c. 2 mins

Written for Paula and Malcolm Stanford.


Miles of Aisles was written in February 1996 to celebrate and to be performed at the wedding of my sister, Paula to her husband Malcolm Stanford. My sister specifically liked the Toccata from Symphonie No.5 by the French composer and organist Charles-Marie Widor (1844--1937). The challenge was to couple the same grandeur and exhilaration demonstrated by the Toccata with the rather more modest skills of the village church organist. Everyone seemed to be more than delighted and even the vicar was highly amused by the title.

Patrick Nunn 1996